Wassup duckers? News back from the talking heads about timelines and expectations for delivery.

First up, the DucktionCup. Some dude with a beard said that “Engineering for the first production run is complete and we are assessing on-shore manufacturers at the moment” I guess that means the first run is still in production or something.

Next, the #DuckDuckDashBoard. This thing is gnarly peeps. The reallllly tall dude here in Ocoee who likes boats said that we are good to go on the mounting sytem, the finish, and the hinges. They still need to create the file for the big honkin’ machines, but after that we have a 7 to 10 day proDUCKtion time. Looking like this will be able to meet holiday season and we can ship the first batch for December.

1 of 14 proDUCKtion facilities for DuckDuckDashBoard in Ocoee, FL

So, too long.. dont care? Cool, DucktionCups and duckduckdashboard shipping dates are set for first week of December 2022.

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Remember peeps, chillax