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DuckDuckDash Board XL


DuckDuckDash Boards

We’ve built a Jeep dashboard mount called the DucktionCup DuckDuckDash Board that provides a smooth surface for your #DuckDuckJeep Ducks to sit. Combined with a “QuackPack” of DucktionCups, your Jeep’s Rubber Ducks will stay firmly stuck to your DuckDuckDash Board, even when your wheels are sunny side up 


The Original DucktionCup©. Too many ducks in your Jeep® dashboard? Well here it is, the first and most stuck.. The DucktionCup along with DuckDuckDash Board is how to stick a duck to a jeep dashboard*!

Quack open a world of opportunity with the DucktionCups Affiliate Program! It’s your chance to rake in some duckets while spreading the word about our groundbreaking products.

Affiliate Earnings up to 22%

DucktionCups isn’t just a company; it’s a quack-tacular passion project, hatched to solve the age-old dilemma of rubber ducks taking a tumble from Jeep dashboards during those adventurous drives and crawls. The brain behind the Original Ducktion Cup is none other than Lisa Doroba, a Central Florida-based innovator with a heart for ducks and Jeeps alike.

JK DuckDuckDash Board installed

Tier I Affiliate

  • Minimum 1 Sale per month
  • Minimum 1000 Followers
  • No minimum order value requirements


Sales Comissions

Tier II Affiliate

  • Minimum 5 Sales per month
  • Minimum 2500 Followers



Tier III Affiliate

  • Minimum 10 sales per month
  • Minimum 5000 Followers



Tier IV Affiliate

  • Minimum 20 sales per month
  • Minimum 7500 Followers



Tier V Affiliate

  • Minimum 35 sales per month
  • Minimum 10k Followers



Ducks On Demand

Ducks and Duck accessories when you need them

Up to 22% in Affiliate Comissions

Vehicles, Offices, and more

Rubber Duck mount for Jeep ducks

Creative Duck Hiding Spots

Discover and share the most imaginative places to hide your ducks with DucktionCups – it’s all about the surprise and delight!

Order Online

Conveniently order your favorite DucktionCups products online – a seamless, duck-friendly shopping experience awaits!

On-time shipping and inventory

Rely on DucktionCups for prompt shipping and a well-stocked pond of products, ensuring your ducks are always ready to roll!


Join the #getducked movement with DucktionCups, where every Jeep gets a chance to be part of the duck brigade!

Fun Extras

DucktionCups isn’t just about products; it’s a quack-load of fun extras to make every duck adventure more memorable!

Original Ideas

DucktionCups is the home of original, duck-inspired ideas – where creativity and Jeeps meet!


Wassup my fellow duck enthusiasts and Jeep lovers! Signing up for the DucktionCups Affiliate Program isn't just about earning some extra cash; it's about joining a community that's as passionate about adventure as you are. It's a chance to help keep those cheerful rubber ducks in sight and in mind, spreading smiles wherever your Jeep takes you. So why join? Because every time you help a duck stick the landing, you're not just making a sale – you're making someone's day. Let's make the world a quackier, happier place, one dashboard at a time!

Chuck the Duck

For all the ways you duck, we’re here

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