About Us

The ducks went flying. We saw a need. We got together to build the first DucktionCup and place for the duckies to sit.. The DuckDuckDash Board.

Read on to learn who we are and why we love to play with duckies.


Created for Ducks, tested by DuckERs, Approved by REAL Ducks.

You’ve been #ducked.

Maybe once, maybe a few, maybe a few hundred times. But up until now, your #duckduckjeep ducks have been free to fly around your dashboard without a home.

This is why we put our minds together, measured some things, tested some things, and videoed rubber duckies flying out the window. Not gonna lie, it’s been fun. and we’re excited to get these out the door and to all of you Jeep lovers out there.

Our Promise to You

With a DucktionCup stuck on your DuckDuckDash Board,
Your duckies will stay stucky. 


US Designed & Built

Our ducks live right here in Central Florida. The idea stemmed from a Mojito Green Jeep. 


Sustainable & Recyclable

We’re focusing on utilizing sustainable plastics, materials, and green suppliers for all of our motor vehicle accessories. 


High Quality

We’re not coming out of the coop with some 3d printed ideas and 3M glue. We’ve tested a few theories, engineered some 3D models, and planned for sustainable materials in a high quality build. 


Small Business Focused

Duckies are used all over the world to send messages and promote small businesses. We can help, join our community on social media to promote your small business!

Only The Best Quality of Ducky

You’ve spent time on your Jeep®. You love it, and all of it’s ducks. Where DucktionCups stand out is production quality manufacturing. We see ton’s of great ideas, and we’ve tried a few. But we took it a step further.

The Original DucktionCup and DuckDuckDash Board were designed with rubber duckies in mind. Designed around keeping them stuck, while not reducing the utility of your Jeep®.

Our Founders

Lisa Doroba

CEO and Founder, Inventor of the DucktionCup, 100% of daily operations

Ryan Pip, the Ducktioncups Director of Engineering

Ryan Pippin

Dealership Liason

AJ Seelund

Automated Google Report Generator

Ducktion Tested, Duck Approved.

Visit Us

We’re located in central Florida, come say hi and grab a coffee some time!

Call Us

Main Office: (+407) 376 3366
Technical / Support: (+321) 314 3231